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idil akbostancı
50x125 cm
mixed media on canvas
suzy hug levy
10th commandment -thou shall not covet your neighbor's house nor wife, ox or donkey
16cm x 13cm x 48cm
plexi, metal
esra carus gülaydın
ø 110 cm h 30 cm
carton collage acrylic
can göknil
we always have a share of what gets cooked at the neighbor’s
50x60 cm
wooden strechers, wooden ladles, black paint, sculpey, sea shells
can göknil
40 cm x 10x10 cm
wood, acrylic paint, ready made ladles
leyla sakpınar
There were eight roses on our balcony along with tulips that numbered six more than the roses. After we had given five roses to a neighbor, how many flowers were left on our balcony
stoneware ceramics
julie mardin
indian tambourine player, downtown manhattan 1/5
111x121 cm
archival ink jet on canvas
julie mardin
mexican lady, sunset park 1/5
111x121 cm
archival ink jet on canvas
julie mardin
turkish drummer, kips bay 1/10
55x71 cm
archival ink jet
julie mardin
japanese drummer, brooklyn bridge 1/10
archival ink jet
julie mardin
peruvian mother, hudson yards 1/10
55x71 cm
archival ink jet
julie mardin
taiwanese mandolin player, long island city 1/10
55x71 cm
archival ink jet
julie mardin
florentine doll, gowanus canal 1/10
archival ink jet
julie mardin
japanese doll, bronx river 1/10
55x71 cm
archival ink jet
yeşim bayrak avinal
meneviş sokağı
44x75 cm
mixed media on hand made paper
ali aksakal
nevzat sayın
asymmetrical neighbourhood
40x80 cm
digital print
bahadır yıldız
our neighborhood
123x98 cm
mixed media on paper
rüçhan şahinoğlu
80x120 cm
photograph, diasec
güler güngör
36cm x 24cm x 11cm, 42cm x 28cm x 16,5cm, 44,5cm x 17cm x 13,5cm
kurucu koçanoğlu
scenes from the neighborhood I-II
45x138 cm
mixed media
aydan baktır
28x28, 20x20
digital print, wood, acrylic,plexi
gamze taşdan
my beautiful neighbour fahriye abla, once..
74x104 cm
mixed media on paper
elvan serin
untitled I-II
25x10 cm, 27x10
raziye kubat
80x100 cm
mixed media on paper
shirley verrette
a memory of the slightest brush of wingtips against my palms
46x65 cm
gouache on paper
shirley verrette
ealattu squeezes lemons into cloudy glasses; they scent the air yellow
46x64 cm
gouache on paper
yıldız şermet
apartment owners meeting
sakine çil
neighbours on lines
sakine çil
komşularını tanımıyor
Komşu III
[09.09.2017 - 14.10.2017]


In 2005, Gallery Apel organized an exhibition titled "Neighbour", as a parallel activity to the 9th International Istanbul Biennial. Same year in November, Anadolu Kültür offered the Diyarbakır Arts Center (DSM) for hosting the exhibition for the second time. "Neighbour" had to be adapted to the new environment with a few changes. For example, in the first show, in the project called "The Rice Road", performance artist Engin Akın used Cezayir Restaurant as well as the gallery and the street where the gallery is situated, in order to realize an interactive project: From Tokyo to Havana, 27 regional rice dishes were offered to all the neighbours and guests of Apel. In the Diyarbakır version, the guests helped themselves to various rice dishes from the neighbouring cities.
Twelve years later, Gallery Apel decided to organize another exhibition with the same theme in conjunction with the 15th Istanbul Biennial, which declared this year's concept as "A Good Neighbour."

Let's remember the 2005 exhibition's press release:

‘’Narratives about neighbors in love or at war with each other come up in various cultures in different formats. The concept of ‘neighbors’ is the subject of many disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, history, law and even mathematics.

“ Love thy neighbor as thyself” ; these words from the Torah remind us that this concept is also a moral value which is degenerating... The social interactions which have been changing in the name of progress inevitably affect how we, as individuals communicate. Today we live in a world where we can live in the same building for years without knowing our neighbors names. The friendly conversations which used to take place on our street or in our building are replaced by daily e-mails sent and received from around the world. These thoughts makes one ponder the future of words such as ‘neighborhood’ or ‘neighbor’. ‘’

The artists who will be participating in the exhibition Neighbour III with their unique visions are;

İdil Akbostancı, Ali Aksakal, Yeşim Bayrak Avinal, Aydan Baktır, Esra Carus, Sakine Çil, Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu, Can Göknil, Güler Güngör, Kurucu Koçanoğlu, Raziye Kubat, Suzy Hug Levy, Julie Mardin,Leyla Sakpınar, Nevzat Sayın, Elvan Serin, Rüçhan Şahinoğlu, Yıldız Şermet, Gamze Taşdan, Shirley Verette, Y. Bahadır Yıldız