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Esra Carus was born in 1968 in Istanbul. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Ceramic-Glass Department in 1992. She has been generating her art projects since 1991 and concurrently working as a graphic designer at Karos Advertising, where she is a cofounder. Carus takes an activist approach in her work. She incorporates social and political issues in her work where she investigates them in depth, reflecting her personal and psychological state of mind. She values social aspect of the art and is interested in public work . Carus uses mixed ñ media but prefers porcelain and clay - her 'favorable'. Her works is exhibitied in the national and international privates collections. She got awards in 1991 and 1992 at Ismail Hakkı Oygar and Vedat Ar ceramic competitions, respectively. Her social project "Children of Cihangir" was honored with the 2008 National Architectural Award in Turkey, where she was a coproducer and executer.


2008- 11st. The National Architecture Awards – Success Prize
1992 “Vedat Ar”, Ceramic Competition, II. Prize
1991 “İsmail Hakkı Orgar” , ”, Ceramic Competition, III. Prize


2008 “Je m' appelle Apel” , Galeri Apel - Tütün Deposu, İstanbul
2008 Contemporary İstanbul 08, Lütfi Kırdar Fair Center
2007 “Türkish Ceramic Art”, Tophane-i Amire, İstanbul
2007 METU Art Festival, Ankara
2007 “Pattern / Taksim”, Galatasaray-Bis Wear, İstanbul
2006 “Nobody to Save?” Galeri A, İstanbul
2005 “Newroz” Galeri Apel - Diyarbakır Art Center, Diyarbakır
2004 “Personel Traces” Paintings Sculpture Museum, İstanbul
2003 “No- empathy” Galeri X, İstanbul
2003 “Chair+”, Galeri Apel, İstanbul
2002 “Toprak- Lif”, Galeri Apel, İstanbul
2001 “Hünername” Galeri Apel, İstanbul
2000 “Art-Kart” Galeri Apel, İstanbul
2000 “Corridor” X Gallery, New York
1999 “Kıyafetname” Galeri Apel, İstanbul
1996 “The Other” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Atrepo I, İstanbul
1995 “Boundaries and Beyond” Tüyap Exhibition Hall, İstanbul
1991 “Young Artists” Press Museum, İstanbul

"newroz - yeni gün - nevruz"
lerzan özer-ayfer kalsın-yıldız şermet "kıyafetname" "costume documents"
esra carus gülaydın-lerzan özer yeltan-yıldız şermet "hünername"
"toprak ve lif 2002" "earth and fiber 2002"
"iskemle+" "chair+"
Newroz – Yeni Gün– Nevruz (New Day)
'' maden- cevher ''
''balkon'' // ''balcony''
Komşu III