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"apel opens "palate"
turkish daily news, 06.12.1998

Nuran Terzioğlu has opened an exciting new gallery, just behind the Galatasaray Lycee, devoted to contemporary artists

Edibles are a crucial part of our lives so what beter way to appeal to İstanbul art lovers than opening the Apel Art Gallery with “Palate”.

And what is Apel? The newest art gallery in town, located in the entrance apartment just behind the Galatasaray lycee. The building itself was constructed in the last century and was named “Apelyan” – hence the Apel Art Gallery.


The leading light behind Apel is Nuran Terzioğlu, a founding member of SANART and the former director of Tanbay and Ankara Urart Art Gallery. She believes that this is “the” place, in keeping with the cosmopolitan atmosphere which existed for centuries in the Galata area.

What their work has in common is “Palate”, in the sense of what one uses to taste in the mouth. And Terzioğlu hopes that the gallery will be one of the best of flavors in Istanbul’s cultural life.