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“earth and fiber 2000”: the hidden language
natali medina, turkish daily news, 08.01.2000

A new exhibition at Gallery Apel examines the relationship between nature and art
A new exhibition at Gallery Apel entitled “Earth and Fiber 2000” focuses on the relationship between the material of works of art and the ultimate products. Apel, located on a beautiful old street in Galatasaray, offers a pleasant venue to stroll around the various Works of art that make up the exhibition. The pieces are related because all examine the relationship between art and nature.

“The use of earth, fiber and glass has been a part of the craft tradition in Anatolia for several thousand years”, states the exhibition catalogue. “The exhibition entitled “Earth and Fiber 2000” aimsto bring together outstanding Works by eight contemporary artists who use earth, glass and fiber as an expressive medium”.

The entire exhibition suggests that the familiar objects we use every day have a intricate and beautiful “natural” language which is revealed when we look beyond their appearance.